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  • Nexans Power Accessories Technology Day and New Product Launch


    ETS Cable Components, the UK’s largest and longest serving distributor for Nexans Power Accessories are pleased to invite you to attend the ‘Nexans Power Accessories Technology Day and New Product Launch’.

    This event will take place:

    • on the 10th and 11th December, providing the flexibility for you to attend either day
    • @ Nexans Training Centre in Normanton, West Yorkshire WF6 1TR

    Over the 2 day period, we will carry out product demonstrations on the NEW JTS Heat shrink Joint, Separable Connectors, Cold Applied products & the new GRP Junction Box. Our staff will be on hand to provide full technical product support for all of the Nexans Power Accessories up to 72.5kV.

    In addition Competency Test demonstrations will be carried out within Nexans fully shielded test facility.

    Breakfast, lunch & refreshments will be provided to make the day comfortable.

    Please save the date and let me know which day you can attend the event by email @
    Full details to follow next week.

    Nexans Power Accessories UK

    More details can be found HERE

    For further information about ETS Cable Components or Nexans please view their websites here:

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  • Ripley Utility tools US02-7000 GIVEAWAY!

    ETS Cable Components have teamed up with
    tool manufacturer Ripley, to give away one of their new Utility tools, the US02-7000

    This new tool has already received praise from both users and cable jointing training schools for its ease of use.
    The US02 quickly and easily removes bonded semi-conductive material from and is suitable for both low and medium voltage power cables. Its unique blade shape preserves the smooth surface on insulation, eliminating the need for deburring or additional surface finishing.
    Its optimal stability design securely supports cables with diameters from 18 mm to 60 mm throughout the ‘shaving’ operation of the cable preparation process, prior to jointing or terminating.
    To be in with a chance to win one, simply follow ETS Cable Components either on LinkedIn or Twitter, then like the post, repost and tag a friend.

    Deadline: 31st March

    More details can be found HERE

    For further information about ETS Cable Components or Ripley Tools please view their websites here:

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  • Armoured Cable Glands

    We stock a number of cable glands suitable for armoured cables from leading brands including CMP and Hawke. Our full range of glands are suitable for SWA, AWA, STA and Wire Braided cables with some of our armoured cable glands certified for use in ATEX Hazardous Areas (CAT 1 and CAT 2).

    We have a full range of accessories including lock-nuts, shrouds, earth tags and entry thread washers as well as an extensive number of thread adaptors, reducers and convertion products (Metric, PG and NPT).

    For more information, detailed prices and sizing options, click on each product to be taken to the full product page.

    Select your cable type:

    SWA Cable AWA Cable SWA, STA and Wire Braid Cable

    Steel Wire Armoured Cables Glands (SWA)

    BW Gland

    Brass BW armoured cable gland kit for indoor use, suitable to be used on all SWA cable, providing mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via armour wire termination. LSF variant also available.

    CW Gland

    Brass CW armoured cable gland kit suitable for indoor and outdoor applications on all SWA cables. Provides an IP66 environmental seal on the cable outer sheath and three-part armour wire termination. LSF variant also available.

    CW CIEL Gland

    The CW CIEL cable gland features a heavy duty cast integral earthing lug, suitable for instances where a higher level of fault current protection is required. Particularly useful in Medium Voltage installations.

    E1W Gland

    The weatherproof E1W armoured cable gland kit is suitable for all SWA cable types and provides an IP66 environmental seal on the cable inner and outer sheaths. LSF variant also available.

    E1WF Gland

    Flameproof E1WF gland kit is certified for use on SWA cables within ATEX CAT 2 (Zone 1) and CAT 3 (Zone 2) Hazardous Areas, providing an IP66 seal on the inner and outer cable sheath. LSF variant available.

    E2WF Gland

    Flameproof ATEX certified brass E2WF armoured cable gland kit suitable for Pb (Lead Sheathed) SWA cables within CAT 2 (Zone 1) and CAT 3 (Zone 2) Hazardous Areas. LSF version also available.

    B348 Zen Gland (Insulated)

    Brass insulated Zen cable glands provide an IP66 environmental seal on all SWA cable outer sheaths. This glanding method insulates the gland and cable armour from the enclosure of the equipment.

    B324 Zen Gland (Insulated)

    The B324 Zen gland features a cast integral earth lug (CIEL), which permits the zoning of earth connections for earthed neutral systems.

    Aluminium Wire Armoured Cable Glands

    CW Aluminium Gland

    Aluminium indoor and outdoor armoured gland kit suitable for all AWA single core cables, providing an IP66 environmental seal on the cable outer sheath. LSF variant available.

    Aluminium CW CIEL Gland

    Aluminium CW gland kit with cast integral earth lug (CIEL), suitable for use with all AWA armoured cables, providing an environmental seal on the cable outer sheath.

    E1W Aluminium Gland

    Aluminium IP66 weatherproof cable gland kit for use with all AWA cables, providing an environmental seal on both the cable inner and outer sheaths. LSF Version available.

    A348W Zen Gland (Insulated)

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations the A348W zen gland provides an IP66 seal on the outer sheath for all AWA armoured cables. This glanding method insulated the gland and cable armour from the enclosure of the equipment.

    A324W Zen Gland (Insulated)

    The A324W version of the aluminium zen glands features a heavy duty, cast integral earth lug (CIEL) which permits the zoning of earth connections for earthed neutral systems.

    Steel Wire Armour (SWA), Steel Tape Armour (STA) and Wire Braid Armoured Glands

    E1XF Gland

    Flameproof ATEX certified brass armoured gland kit suitable for all types of braided or STA cables in CAT 2 (Zone 1) and CAT 3 (Zone 2) Hazardous Areas.

    TRITON Submersible Gland

    The TRITON gland provides a unique concept in cable sealing techniques, incorporating the patented Compensating Displacement Seal system (CDS). With LSF seals throughout, the TRITON gland is suitable with all cable types (SWA, STA and Wire Braid).

    PX2K Explosion Proof Submersible Barrier Gland

    Brass, flameploof, gas tight, compound filled cable gland, ATEX rated for use in CAT 2 Hazardous Areas. Provides a gas-tight compound barrier around the cables cores and an IP66 seal on the outer sheath.

    153/RAC Gland

    Brass Hawke armoured gland providing an IP66 environmental seal on the cable inner and outer sheaths and three part armour wire termination. Reversible Armour Clamp makes the gland suitable for use with all cable types, SWA, STA and Wire Braid.

    501/453/Universal Gland

    Dual-certified ATEX/IECEx brass weatherproof gland. Featuring a universal armour clamp for use with STA, Wire Braid and SWA cable types.

    ICG/653/Universal EExd Barrier Gland

    IP66 rated, dual-certified (ATEX/IECEx) brass Hawke barrier gland, suitable on Wire Braid, SWA and STA armoured cable types. Features barrier compound seal area and delug boot protecting the gland-mating thread.

  • Visit ETS at DataCentres Ireland 2017

    Come and visit ETS Cable Components at DataCentres Ireland 2017

    This exhibition and conference takes place at RDS, Dublin and is now in its 6th year. ETS are delighted to be exhibiting here, particularly as Ireland is such a key territory in the European data centre market.

    ETS first supplied a data centre project 20 years ago and it became clear that the product range and service levels, together with the company’s technical ability to propose solutions, was a match for this fast developing market. ETS have since supplied power cable accessories on many of the new data centre facilities constructed all over Europe. The approach has always been the same, which has meant getting involved during the early electrical design stage, where ETS has then proposed a range of suitable products for the installation, termination and identification of all power cables supplied into the building. Projects are supplied on a fast-track basis with products shipped anywhere in the world from the ETS main distribution warehouse based in Greater London, close to Heathrow Airport and Channel Tunnel rail link.

    ETS Products for Data Centres

    Join us on 22nd-23rd November 2017 at the DataCentres Ireland, stand 430 where we will be on hand to discuss your power cable accessory requirements, so come along and enjoy the exhibition!

    Register for your free ticket NOW!

  • When Lightning Strikes!

    Ensure you have first-class lightning protection

    In the event of over-voltage lightning strikes, it is vital that critical systems and buildings are protected. The first step is to create a methodical and comprehensive lightning protection plan.

    Currently there is not a single piece of equipment that is able to eradicate the damaging effects of lightning, so an efficient lightning protection plan will need to involve the integration of several concepts. ERICO has developed the Six Point Plan of Protection:

    1. Capture the lightning strike
    2. Convey this energy to ground
    3. Dissipate the energy into the grounding system
    4. Bond all ground points together
    5. Protect incoming AC power feeders
    6. Protect low-voltage data/telecommunications circuits

    This plan will help to ensure all aspects of potential damage are considered, ranging from the initial and more obvious direct strike through to the voltage reduction at service entry points.

    Lightning is highly unpredictable, and as the city landscape continues to change, protection that treats this as a constant risk is required. At ETS, we stock an extensive range of Earthing and Lightning Protection products from market leading suppliers like ERICO to help reduce the hazards from this stunning yet lethal phenomenon.

    All lightning protection systems must be able to capture the strike, control the passage and ensure the energy is expended into the grounding system and bond all ground points. This minimises the risks of damage to the building; equipment downtime; fire and injury.

    The majority of lightning strikes contains negative charge, but around 10% of flashes are positive, and although rare, these positive strikes are much more dangerous. Without proper safeguarding of this type of lightning energy, the damage can be disastrous.

    In order for lightning protection to be effective, attention to earthing is required. Read our blog on the Characteristics of a Good Earthing System to find out more.

    Lightning strikes across the world

    ERICO has a proven track record of protecting many high risk and iconic buildings from lightning strikes, including the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand. Standing at an impressive 328 metres tall, the Sky Tower survived over 16 lightning strikes!

    The Bank of China in Hong Kong has withstood more than 100 direct strikes, whilst the Centrepoint Tower in Sydney continued operations without damage or downtime even after over 40 strikes of lightning, all since installing lightning protection systems from ERICO. For more information on other amazing landmarks ERICO has helped protect, click here.

    If you need further advice on lightning protection, contact us on 020 8405 6789 or email us

  • Double Acclaim for the No Bolts cleat!

    Award-winning No Bolts cleat chosen for the £800m London Waterloo upgrade

    The newly launched “No Bolts” cleat has recently won an innovation award and has also been specified on a major Network Rail Station upgrade project, all within a few weeks.

    Cable cleats are used to restrain power cables and the No Bolts product is the first cleat not to use the traditional fixing method of using threaded rod, nuts and washers, meaning a much quicker and less labour intensive installation process.

    Released in 2016 as a joint initiative between ETS Cable Components, Ellis Patents and Network Rail, the cleat was named Innovative Industrial Product of the Year at the Electrical Industry Awards. The event, which is run by leading trade publication, Electrical Times, saw the No Bolts cleat selected from a short list of six to receive the much sought after accolade.

    Proposed London Waterloo New Terminal

    London Waterloo station (above image of proposed new terminal), which is the UK’s busiest rail terminal, is the first project where the cleat is being installed. It was chosen due to the clear time saving advantages and intrinsic safety benefits that the cleat possesses over other proposed products. The joint venture Project team were sold on the values from a very early stage and were keen to see the product installed on their prestige project.

    Kevin Moloney, Director of ETS, said ‘It was a product design that was driven forward by Network Rail and in particular by Program Engineering Manager, Dave Barnes, who contacted me initially to ask if we could help design a new cleating product that would help alleviate a health and safety issue. It’s a great testament to the work of all of those involved to see an award like this and to see the product accepted for use, so soon after launching’.

    No Bolts cleat

    This range of cleats requires no conventional fixings to supporting steel-work. The design also allows for additional cleats to be stacked on top of one another with nothing more than a small turn of a unique fixing lock.

    Key features:

    • Stackable design for multiple cable runs
    • No risk of damaging cable
    • Range suits Ø18-Ø55mm single cables
    • No metal parts
    • No tools required
    • Fast installation

    It is manufactured from a high strength nylon specifically formulated to meet the London Underground 1-085 approved specification.

    Contact us on 020 8405 6789 or email: to find out more about the No Bolt cleat.

    For further information on the Waterloo station upgrade, please click here.

    Watch a video on the No Bolts cleat here.

  • Supporting our customers and community

    ETS were pleased to support Western Power Distribution’s annual charity raffle that saw many great prizes being won.

    All proceeds went to support local charities including The Huntington's Disease Association and John Coupland Hospital’s Palliative Hospice care ward.

    Well done to everyone involved!

  • The World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm

    Built on the QE2 reservoir, near London’s Heathrow Airport, this solar farm has a peak output of 6.3 megawatts and is expected to generate 5.8 million kilowatt hours in its first year – equivalent to the annual consumption of around 1,800 homes.

    Due to the typical fast track nature of solar farms, ETS played a vital role during the construction phase by delivering relevant products, such as MV terminations on a same day basis helping to ensure that the project was completed in time and operational in March this year.

    The energy generated by this farm will be used to power nearby water treatment plants operated by Thames Water who are aiming to self-generate a third of their own energy by 2020. The video is supplied courtesy of Lightsource Renewable Energy who delivered this ambitious project and were responsible for installation of 23,000 plus solar panels.

    For further information, please contact: 020 8405 6789 or, or you can read more here.

    ETS Cable Components are an official supplier, stockist and distributor of cable components for a range of Industries, including solar farms.

  • The ‘Cathedral of Science’ opens in London

    Named after Francis Crick who discovered the helix structure of DNA, Europe’s largest biomedical research institute welcomed the first Scientists last week. ETS Cable Components are proud to have been involved with the electrical infrastructure installation of this mega construction project. The funding comes from a partnership of: Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK, Imperial College London, Kings College London (KCL), Wellcome Trust and University College London (UCL).  

    ETS worked with the appointed M&E sub-contractors, including those working on the Low and medium voltage cable installation to ensure all cable accessories were delivered on time to meet all target ‘power on’ dates.

    Due to the challenges of this site being developed in a heavily built up area on central London, 45% of the building was preassembled off site. ETS designed and supplied custom made earthbars to Laing O’Rourke’s offsite manufacturing division, to form part of their own modules, which in turn were delivered to site ‘just in time’.

    For further information on the Francis Crick Institute, please follow this link:

  • Visit ETS At RailLIVE 2016

    Come and visit our stand and say 'hello' at the largest outdoor rail show in Europe, RailLIVE 2016.

    The event, which is co-organised by the Rail Alliance, is taking place at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre, near to Long Marston just south of Stratford-upon-Avon on 22/23 June.

    Over 6000 visitors are expected to attend to see everything from rail plant and infrastructure, traction and rolling stock, through to electrification and signalling demonstrations.

    There will also be displays of engineering, rail maintenance materials and product development/testing safety, digital products as well as innovation.

    ETS will have product samples available, along with information on a range of power cable accessories such as: Low & medium voltage terminations/joints, tooling and cable cleats. This will include a range of cable fixing cleats products for specially engineered applications such as the new 'No Bolts Cleat' - developed to solve a Health and Safety issue.

    You can see ETS’s products for the surface rail sector here, and underground here. For rail tooling, click here.

    ETS Stand is AA3. For more details for RailLIVE 2016 and to book tickets click here.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

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