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Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • Advantages of Screened Connectors Systems

    Screened separable connectors and elbows are used to terminate polymeric (XLPE & EPR) insulated cables onto switchgear and transformers fitted with ANSI/CENELEC-style bushing interfaces up to 42kV.

    Layers of alternate insulating and semi-conductive EPDM rubber replicate the cable construction and provide a touch-safe interface between the cable and equipment.

    Suitable for use on the five main bushing interfaces including: Interface A, Interface B, Interface C, Interface D, and Interface E, the new CENELEC Interface F is also available for high-current applications.

    There are a number of advantages of using a separable screened connector system including:

    - Rugged compact design – allows installation in modern compact substations
    - Full screened cable-equipment interface – touch-safe
    - Maintenance free
    - Quick and simple to install
    - Easy to disconnect de-energised cables
    - Can connect more than one cable to a single bushing interface
    - Fully moisture-resistant – can be used outdoor without a cable box
    - IP67 protection – dust tight and protection against the effects of moisture
    - Resistant to UV, Ozone, chemicals, mechanical abuse
    - Temperate range from -60oC + 130oC
    - Offers many test options: capacitive test points, cable tests
    - Suitable for cables between 12kV–36kV, 250amp-1250amp (42kV and 2500amp for the Interface F)

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