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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • Six Point Plan of Lightning Protection

    Effective lightning protection involves the integration of several concepts. ERICO employs the Six Point Plan of Protection as a useful guide to ensure the highest level of system security.

    1. Capture the lightning strike

    Capture the lightning strike to a known and preferred attachment point using a purpose-designed air terminal system.

    2. Convey this energy to ground

    Conduct the energy to ground via a purpose-designed downconductor.

    3. Dissipate energy into the grounding system

    Dissipate energy into a low impedance grounding system.

    4. Bond all ground points together

    Bond all ground points to help eliminate ground loops and create an equipotential plane.

    5. Protect incoming AC power feeders

    Protect equipment from surges and transients on incoming power lines to help prevent equipment damage and costly operation downtime.

    6. Protect low voltage data/telecommunications circuits

    Protect equipment from surges and transients on incoming telecommunications and signal lines to help prevent equipment damage costly operation downtime.

    Six point plan for lightning protection

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