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Triplex Cable Formers

The Triplex former (also known as a cable surround) has been developed for Distribution Network Operators using single-core cables in the Triplex formation (three single-cores supplied wound around each other), this system is also suitable for conventional single-core power cables.

Each Triplex cable former is manufactured from LSF Zero Halogen (LSZH) Megalon. The cable surround can be placed within the following cable cleats, dependant on your short circuit requirements, allowing the triplex-formed cable to be cleated where required.
  • Two bolt LSF range of nylon cleats - 36kA RMS (76kA peak)
  • Vulcan+ range trefoil cleats - 49.5kA RMS (104kA peak)
  • Emperor ES-range single-way cleats - 74kA RMS (156kA peak)

Please refer to Technical datasheet for full selection information.
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Triplex Cable Formers

Order Reference Product Name Qty
SFT31 LSF Triplex Cable Former (28-33mm OD)
SFT36 LSF Triplex Cable Former (34-39mm OD)
SFT43 LSF Triplex Cable Former (40-47mm OD)
SFT51 LSF Triplex Cable Former (48-55mm OD)
Order Reference OD Minimum OD Maximum
SFT31 28.0mm 33.0mm
SFT36 34.0mm 39.0mm
SFT43 40.0mm 47.0mm
SFT51 48.0mm 55.0mm