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LV Mechanical Straight Connectors (4-400mm2)

Low Voltage (LV) mechanical straight connector, designed for straight jointing within resin filled cable joints. These shear-bolt connectors are able to accept stranded and soild, copper or aluminium conductors in LV applications up to 1000v AC.

Manufactured from from extruded aluminium profile, the aluminium bolts are designed to shear once the correct torque is reached, ensuring no specialist tooling is required for installation and a consistant and reliable connection is created every time.

All LV connectors are tested to IEC 6138-119/10/2006:1993.
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LV Mechanical Straight Connectors (4-400mm2)

Order Reference Product Name Qty
P1 LV Mechanical Multi-Purpose Connector
MC70 LV Mechanical Straight Connector - 35-70mm2
MC95 LV Mechanical Straight Connector - 50-95mm2
MC120 LV Mechanical Straight Connector - 70-120mm2
MC185 LV Mechanical Straight Connector - 95-185mm2
MC300 LV Mechanical Straight Connector - 120-300mm2
MC400 LV Mechanical Straight Connector - 120-400mm2
Order Reference Minimum Cable Size Maximum Cable Sizes
P1 4.0mm2 35mm2
MC70 35mm2 70mm2
MC95 50mm2 95mm2
MC120 70mm2 120mm2
MC185 95mm2 185mm2
MC300 120mm2 300mm2
MC400 120mm2 400mm2