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Birkett Resin Filled Branch Cable Joints

Birkett's premium range of Low Voltage (LV) branch joint kits are suitable for both cut and uncut mains cables. Featuring a two-part polyurethane enclosed SWISHPAK resin mixing system to minimise wastage.

Representing the largest and most versatile joint shells on the market, these resin joints are designed to enable core-crossing and are suitable for use with BC and DMBC ranges of mechanical branch connectors (available as separate items).

These resin branch joints are suitable for all EPR, PE or XLPE insulated, PVC or LSF outer sheathed SWA cables as well as Lead (Pb) sheathed and PILC cables (additional earthing required). Variants also available for CNE, waveform or braided armour cables.

Each Birkett branch joint kit includes: two-part transparent mould, SWISHPAK resin pack/s, armour continuity braids, under-armour support rings, worm-drive clips, mastic tape and full installation instructions.
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Birkett Resin Filled Branch Cable Joints

Order Reference Product Name Qty
B10 Birkett Resin Branch Joint - B10
B25 Birkett Resin Branch Joint - B25
B35 Birkett Resin Branch Joint - B35
B50 Birkett Resin Branch Joint - B50
B70 Birkett Resin Branch Joint - B70
B120 Birkett Resin Branch Joint - B120
B185 Birkett Resin Branch Joint - B185
B300 Birkett Resin Branch Joint - B300
B400 Birkett Resin Branch Joint - B400
Order Reference OD Maximum Maximum Cable Sizes
B10 22.0mm 10mm2 4Core
B25 28.0mm 16mm2 4Core
B35 32.0mm 25mm2 4Core
B50 40.0mm 35mm2 4Core
B70 40.0mm 70mm2 4Core
B120 50.0mm 120mm2 4Core
B185 60.0mm 185mm2 4Core
B300 72.0mm 300mm2 4Core
B400 82.0mm 400mm2 4Core