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CADWELD Ignition Tools

A range of ERICO CADWELD exothermic welding ignition devices, including:

  • CADWELD PLUS electronic hand-held ignition control units and spares
  • CADWELD Traditional flint ignitor

Please ensure the correct weld metals are used with the correct ignition device. Please contact our Sales Team for more information.
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CADWELD Ignition Tools

Order Reference Product Name Qty
PLUSCU CADWELD PLUS Ignition Unit - 1.8 metre lead
PLUSCU15L CADWELD PLUS Ignition Unit - 4.6 metre lead
PLUSCULD CADWELD PLUS 1.8 metre Spare Control Lead
PLUSCULD15 CADWELD PLUS 4.6metre Spare Control Lead
T320 CADWELD Flint Ignitor
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