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500A SPD Panel Drain Connectors

Fitted to the load equipment side, 500A panel drain connectors feature finger-proof contacts and are colour-coded and mechanical keyed to prevent connection errors. A secondary spring-loaded pin is fitted to the SPD connector, which engages with a slot in the SLS Powersafe line source connector, to prevent accidental disconnection under load.

  • Four colour-coded options available, including EU harmonised, UK traditional, USA colour-coding and Australian colour-coding.
  • Camlock mountable versions available on request.

Each 500A Powersafe SPD panel drain connector is supplied with an internal M12 stud as standard, suitable for cable lug connection within the equipment. Crimp-type cable connection is also available as a product option.
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500A SPD Panel Drain Connectors

Order Reference Product Name Qty
SPD-E-GN-T5 500A Powersafe SPD Panel Drain Earth Connector - EU Harmonised: Green
SPD-N-BL-T5 500A Powersafe SPD Panel Drain Neutral Connector - EU Harmonised: Blue
SPD-1-BN-T5 500A Powersafe SPD Panel Drain Phase 1 Connector - EU Harmonised: Brown
SPD-2-BK-T5 500A Powersafe SPD Panel Drain Phase 2 Connector - EU Harmonised: Black
SPD-3-GY-T5 500A Powersafe SPD Panel Drain Phase 3 Connector - EU Harmonised: Grey
Order Reference Amperage Rating Colour Phase
SPD-E-GN-T5 500A Green Earth
SPD-N-BL-T5 500A Blue Neutral
SPD-1-BN-T5 500A Brown Phase 1
SPD-2-BK-T5 500A Black Phase 2
SPD-3-GY-T5 500A Grey Phase 3