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6.5mm Raychem-RPG Stainless Steel Banding

6.5mm (1/4") wide, un-coated stainless steel banding and buckle system from Raychem-RPG, used in a wide variety of cable installation applications, e.g. cable bundling and primary retention of multi-core power cables in confined environments.

Three material types available, depending on the installation environment:

SS201 Stainless Steel
High-tensile stainless steel, suitable for all industrial applications.

SS304 Stainless Steel
Suitable for potentially corrosive environments and outdoor applications.

SS316 Stainless Steel
Suitable for highly corrosive atmospheric conditions: i.e. marine or Petro-Chem environments.

The Raychem-RPG R-Loc banding system product certifications include: Lloyd's Register, ABS and DNV.
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6.5mm Raychem-RPG Stainless Steel Banding

Order Reference Product Name Qty
RSU06B305 6.5mm SS201 Raychem-RPG Stainless Steel Banding
RSU06F305C 6.5mm SS304 Raychem-RPG Stainless Steel Banding
RSU06E305C 6.5mm SS316 Raychem-RPG Stainless Steel Banding
RSU06E615C 6.5mm SS316 Raychem-RPG Stainless Steel Banding (61m Coil)
Order Reference Length Width Steel Grade
RSU06B305 30.5m 6.5mm SS201
RSU06F305C 30.5m 6.5mm SS304
RSU06E305C 30.5m 6.5mm SS316
RSU06E615C 61.0m 6.5mm SS316