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Rayflate Duct-Sealing Bags

Rayflate inflation duct-sealing bags designed to seal cable pipes and ducts from moisture ingress, avoiding dampness or flooding in sub-station basements, cable vaults or access manholes.

The inflatable bags are manufactured from a flexible metallic laminate, coated on both sides with a sealant strip.

Once inflated, the bag forms around the cable/s and the sealant presses against the duct wall, providing an effective moisture barrier.

Various Rayflate bag size are available, dependant on the duct diameter requiring sealing. Larger diameters can also be accommodated, please contact our Sales Team for further information.

For applications where multiple cables enter the Ductseal bag, please select the appropriate Cable Clip.
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Rayflate Duct-Sealing Bags

Order Reference Product Name Qty
RDSS-60 Rayflate DuctSeal Bag For 60mm Ducts
RDSS-75 Rayflate DuctSeal Bag For 75mm Ducts
RDSS-100 Rayflate DuctSeal Bag For 100mm Ducts
RDSS-125 Rayflate DuctSeal Bag For 125mm Ducts
RDSS-150 Rayflate DuctSeal Bag For 150mm Ducts
Order Reference Minimum Cable Size Maximum Cable Sizes Diameter OD Minimum OD Maximum
RDSS-60 35mm2 95mm2 60.0mm - - - -
RDSS-75 95mm2 300mm2 75.0mm - - - -
RDSS-100 95mm2 300mm2 100.0mm - - - -
RDSS-125 35mm2 630mm2 125.0mm - - - -
RDSS-150 16mm2 95mm2 150.0mm 28.0mm 39.0mm