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MARKINGenius 3 - MG3

The Cembre MARKINGenius marking system is the exclusive automated marking designed to satisfy all requirements for equipment identification in the electrical industry.

MARKINGenius MG3 is a PC driven, high resolution, desktop printer, based on thermal transfer technology for producing markers for cables, terminals, push buttons and all panel mounted components.

All markers in the Marking Genius range can be printed with Windows True Type fonts in black and over 4000 other colours.

The 600dpi resolution printer can also reproduce images, drawings and bitmaps to very small dimensions. As the heat transfer pigment dries instantaneously, printed sheets and tags are ready to use immediately.

High speed printing is also complimented by incredibly long-life ribbons, capable of printing more than 150,000 cable tags with no maintenance.

Compact, quiet, clean and extraordinarily easy-to-use printer with unsurpassed speed and print quality, the MARKINGenius MG3 is the ultimate solution with the performance to outclass every other marking system.

Special major project hire rates are available in some circumstances, please contact us for more information on Cembre MARKINGenius printer offers.
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MARKINGenius 3 - MG3

Order Reference Product Name Qty
MG-TPM MG-TPM 4mm Cable Tags For Holders
MG-TPMF MG-TPMF 4mm Cable Tags For Holders
MG-KMP MG-KMP Wraparound Cable Markers
MG-ETF MG-ETF Tie-On Cable and Conduit Tags
MG-CPM MG-CPM Push In Terminal Block Markers
MG-CPMF MG-CPMF Terminal Block Marker Strips
MG-TAPW MG-TAPW 9mm Legends
MG-TAP MG-TAP 15mm Legends
MG-TAA MG-TAA Self Adhesive Legends
MG-VYT MG-VYT Self Adhesive Labels
MG-PYT MG-PYT Self Adhesive Legends
MG-17.5 MG-17.5 Modular Labels and Legends
MG-VRT MG-VRT Panel Marker Plates
MG-SIGNS MG-SIGNS Panel Legends and Labels
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