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Nexans Euromold 440TB 1250A 42kV U-Max Bolted Tee Connector Kit

Nexans Euromold Dead-Break separable "Symmetrical" tee connectors are designed to connect all polymeric screened cables to 400 series, CENELEC Interface Type C (630amp and 1250amp) equipment bushings with M16 bolted connection. The 400 Series Euromold Tee connector may also be used to connect cables together using the appropriate mating part and also enables multiple connections to a single bushing.

Standard Interface Type C 440TB separable connector kits are suitable for copper-wire screen cables upto 42kV U-Max. Copper-tape screen cables can be accommodated but will also require an additional screen earthing kit, type MT/SE.

  • Cross-Sectional Area Range: 50-630mm2
  • Core Insulation Diameter Range: 23.5-56.0mm
  • Versions are available to accommodate U-Max cable ratings: 24kV, 36kV and 42kV
  • Outdoor applications: please add suffix MWS for additional water-sealing mastic
  • Supplied as a single-phase connector assembly

  • Please provide full constructional and dimensional information for the cable/s being used to ensure compatibility of the proposed cable/connector arrangement. Full selection data can be obtained by viewing the Euromold 440TB separable connector Technical Data Sheet.
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