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Pfisterer MV-CONNEX Size 1 (630A)

Size 1 Pfisterer MV-CONNEX inner cone plugs designed for 630amp applications. Each kit is size-sensitive and supplied to suit a specific conductor size and limited insulation diameter range.

Fully screened, touch-proof Pfisterer connectors feature a silicone rubber stress control component, within an aluminium bell housing and sealant-lined heatshrink tube to protect against moisture ingress. "Plug-In" Size 1 separable connectors are sold in sets of three phases and available with a voltage tap facility, 850-range only.

Medium Voltage CONNEX Size 1 are suitable for cables between 35-240mm2, depending upon the U-Max rating required.

  • Standard product is suitable for both indoor and "above ground" external environments
  • Variant is available with a specially-cast alloy bell housing for use within contaminated or offshore environments
  • Primarily designed for use on single-core copper-wire screened cables, supplementary kits are available to enable other cables types to be used

For advice or further details on the MV-CONNEX range, please contact our MV Sales Team for further information.
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Pfisterer MV-CONNEX Size 1 (630A)

Order Reference Product Name Qty
850/110/000 Pfisterer MV-CONNEX Size 1 Inner Cone Plug - 850/110 - 12kV
850/120/000 Pfisterer MV-CONNEX Size 1 Inner Cone Plug - 850/120 - 24kV
850/130/000 Pfisterer MV-CONNEX Size 1 Inner Cone Plug - 850/130 - 36kV
870/110/000 Pfisterer MV-CONNEX Size 1 Inner Cone Plug - 870/110 - 12kV
870/120/000 Pfisterer MV-CONNEX Size 1 Inner Cone Plug - 870/120 - 24kV
870/130/000 Pfisterer MV-CONNEX Size 1 Inner Cone Plug - 870/130 - 36kV
Order Reference Minimum Cable Size Maximum Cable Sizes Amperage Rating Maximum Voltage
850/110/000 35mm2 240mm2 630A 12kV
850/120/000 35mm2 240mm2 630A 24kV
850/130/000 50mm2 120mm2 630A 36kV
870/110/000 35mm2 240mm2 630A 12kV
870/120/000 35mm2 240mm2 630A 24kV
870/130/000 50mm2 185mm2 630A 36kV