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Sonel MMR-6500 100A

Sonel MMR-6500 100A Micro-Ohmmeter

The Sonel MMR-6500 Micro-Ohmmeter is a state of the art device with an unprecedented approach to measuring small resistances. The instrument allows you to measure resistance of objects with a high current and has a unique test module for inductive objects. The micro-ohmmeter uses special algorithms and measuring functions to allow for a stabilised measurement is difficult working conditions. Measurement accuracy of 0.25% is made possible by the use of a high power source measurement current. The meter features a large 5 inch colour display with an 800×480 pixel resolution for clear, convenient display of measurement results.

The products features include:
  • Measurements of resistance with a resolution of 0.1micro-ohm
  • Measure objects earthed on both sides (i.e. main joints of HV switches)
  • Automatic temperature compensation of measured objects
  • Measurement with one or both-way current flow
  • Immunity to outside interference
  • 200A Test Current available on model MMR-6700
  • Touch Screen control
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