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  • Armoured Cable Glands

    We stock a number of cable glands suitable for armoured cables from leading brands including CMP and Hawke. Our full range of glands are suitable for SWA, AWA, STA and Wire Braided cables with some of our armoured cable glands certified for use in ATEX Hazardous Areas (CAT 1 and CAT 2).

    We have a full range of accessories including lock-nuts, shrouds, earth tags and entry thread washers as well as an extensive number of thread adaptors, reducers and convertion products (Metric, PG and NPT).

    For more information, detailed prices and sizing options, click on each product to be taken to the full product page.

    Select your cable type:

    SWA Cable AWA Cable SWA, STA and Wire Braid Cable

    Steel Wire Armoured Cables Glands (SWA)

    BW Gland

    Brass BW armoured cable gland kit for indoor use, suitable to be used on all SWA cable, providing mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via armour wire termination. LSF variant also available.

    CW Gland

    Brass CW armoured cable gland kit suitable for indoor and outdoor applications on all SWA cables. Provides an IP66 environmental seal on the cable outer sheath and three-part armour wire termination. LSF variant also available.

    CW CIEL Gland

    The CW CIEL cable gland features a heavy duty cast integral earthing lug, suitable for instances where a higher level of fault current protection is required. Particularly useful in Medium Voltage installations.

    E1W Gland

    The weatherproof E1W armoured cable gland kit is suitable for all SWA cable types and provides an IP66 environmental seal on the cable inner and outer sheaths. LSF variant also available.

    E1WF Gland

    Flameproof E1WF gland kit is certified for use on SWA cables within ATEX CAT 2 (Zone 1) and CAT 3 (Zone 2) Hazardous Areas, providing an IP66 seal on the inner and outer cable sheath. LSF variant available.

    E2WF Gland

    Flameproof ATEX certified brass E2WF armoured cable gland kit suitable for Pb (Lead Sheathed) SWA cables within CAT 2 (Zone 1) and CAT 3 (Zone 2) Hazardous Areas. LSF version also available.

    B348 Zen Gland (Insulated)

    Brass insulated Zen cable glands provide an IP66 environmental seal on all SWA cable outer sheaths. This glanding method insulates the gland and cable armour from the enclosure of the equipment.

    B324 Zen Gland (Insulated)

    The B324 Zen gland features a cast integral earth lug (CIEL), which permits the zoning of earth connections for earthed neutral systems.

    Aluminium Wire Armoured Cable Glands

    CW Aluminium Gland

    Aluminium indoor and outdoor armoured gland kit suitable for all AWA single core cables, providing an IP66 environmental seal on the cable outer sheath. LSF variant available.

    Aluminium CW CIEL Gland

    Aluminium CW gland kit with cast integral earth lug (CIEL), suitable for use with all AWA armoured cables, providing an environmental seal on the cable outer sheath.

    E1W Aluminium Gland

    Aluminium IP66 weatherproof cable gland kit for use with all AWA cables, providing an environmental seal on both the cable inner and outer sheaths. LSF Version available.

    A348W Zen Gland (Insulated)

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations the A348W zen gland provides an IP66 seal on the outer sheath for all AWA armoured cables. This glanding method insulated the gland and cable armour from the enclosure of the equipment.

    A324W Zen Gland (Insulated)

    The A324W version of the aluminium zen glands features a heavy duty, cast integral earth lug (CIEL) which permits the zoning of earth connections for earthed neutral systems.

    Steel Wire Armour (SWA), Steel Tape Armour (STA) and Wire Braid Armoured Glands

    E1XF Gland

    Flameproof ATEX certified brass armoured gland kit suitable for all types of braided or STA cables in CAT 2 (Zone 1) and CAT 3 (Zone 2) Hazardous Areas.

    TRITON Submersible Gland

    The TRITON gland provides a unique concept in cable sealing techniques, incorporating the patented Compensating Displacement Seal system (CDS). With LSF seals throughout, the TRITON gland is suitable with all cable types (SWA, STA and Wire Braid).

    PX2K Explosion Proof Submersible Barrier Gland

    Brass, flameploof, gas tight, compound filled cable gland, ATEX rated for use in CAT 2 Hazardous Areas. Provides a gas-tight compound barrier around the cables cores and an IP66 seal on the outer sheath.

    153/RAC Gland

    Brass Hawke armoured gland providing an IP66 environmental seal on the cable inner and outer sheaths and three part armour wire termination. Reversible Armour Clamp makes the gland suitable for use with all cable types, SWA, STA and Wire Braid.

    501/453/Universal Gland

    Dual-certified ATEX/IECEx brass weatherproof gland. Featuring a universal armour clamp for use with STA, Wire Braid and SWA cable types.

    ICG/653/Universal EExd Barrier Gland

    IP66 rated, dual-certified (ATEX/IECEx) brass Hawke barrier gland, suitable on Wire Braid, SWA and STA armoured cable types. Features barrier compound seal area and delug boot protecting the gland-mating thread.

  • Visit ETS at DataCentres Ireland 2017

    Come and visit ETS Cable Components at DataCentres Ireland 2017

    This exhibition and conference takes place at RDS, Dublin and is now in its 6th year. ETS are delighted to be exhibiting here, particularly as Ireland is such a key territory in the European data centre market.

    ETS first supplied a data centre project 20 years ago and it became clear that the product range and service levels, together with the company’s technical ability to propose solutions, was a match for this fast developing market. ETS have since supplied power cable accessories on many of the new data centre facilities constructed all over Europe. The approach has always been the same, which has meant getting involved during the early electrical design stage, where ETS has then proposed a range of suitable products for the installation, termination and identification of all power cables supplied into the building. Projects are supplied on a fast-track basis with products shipped anywhere in the world from the ETS main distribution warehouse based in Greater London, close to Heathrow Airport and Channel Tunnel rail link.

    ETS Products for Data Centres

    Join us on 22nd-23rd November 2017 at the DataCentres Ireland, stand 430 where we will be on hand to discuss your power cable accessory requirements, so come along and enjoy the exhibition!

    Register for your free ticket NOW!

  • Double Acclaim for the No Bolts cleat!

    Award-winning No Bolts cleat chosen for the £800m London Waterloo upgrade

    The newly launched “No Bolts” cleat has recently won an innovation award and has also been specified on a major Network Rail Station upgrade project, all within a few weeks.

    Cable cleats are used to restrain power cables and the No Bolts product is the first cleat not to use the traditional fixing method of using threaded rod, nuts and washers, meaning a much quicker and less labour intensive installation process.

    Released in 2016 as a joint initiative between ETS Cable Components, Ellis Patents and Network Rail, the cleat was named Innovative Industrial Product of the Year at the Electrical Industry Awards. The event, which is run by leading trade publication, Electrical Times, saw the No Bolts cleat selected from a short list of six to receive the much sought after accolade.

    Proposed London Waterloo New Terminal

    London Waterloo station (above image of proposed new terminal), which is the UK’s busiest rail terminal, is the first project where the cleat is being installed. It was chosen due to the clear time saving advantages and intrinsic safety benefits that the cleat possesses over other proposed products. The joint venture Project team were sold on the values from a very early stage and were keen to see the product installed on their prestige project.

    Kevin Moloney, Director of ETS, said ‘It was a product design that was driven forward by Network Rail and in particular by Program Engineering Manager, Dave Barnes, who contacted me initially to ask if we could help design a new cleating product that would help alleviate a health and safety issue. It’s a great testament to the work of all of those involved to see an award like this and to see the product accepted for use, so soon after launching’.

    No Bolts cleat

    This range of cleats requires no conventional fixings to supporting steel-work. The design also allows for additional cleats to be stacked on top of one another with nothing more than a small turn of a unique fixing lock.

    Key features:

    • Stackable design for multiple cable runs
    • No risk of damaging cable
    • Range suits Ø18-Ø55mm single cables
    • No metal parts
    • No tools required
    • Fast installation

    It is manufactured from a high strength nylon specifically formulated to meet the London Underground 1-085 approved specification.

    Contact us on 020 8405 6789 or email: to find out more about the No Bolt cleat.

    For further information on the Waterloo station upgrade, please click here.

    Watch a video on the No Bolts cleat here.

  • New To The O&M Solar Market - The EmaZys PV Analyzer Z100

    [slideshow_deploy id='3501']

    ETS Cable Components are proud to introduce to the O&M Solar market, the EmaZys PV Analyzer Z100.

    The PV Analyzer Z100 is a new and innovative measuring device which is able to quickly and efficiently locate a wide range of defects in solar cell panels. Extensive field tests prior to the launch have shown that service engineers are able to save up to 40% of their fault-finding time.

    Watch The Video

    By using the new PV Analyzer Z100 you can easily locate problems in PV Strings, shorten downtime and reduce maintenance and troubleshooting costs dramatically.

    The PV Analyser Z100 enables:

    • Precise fault location in all types of PV arrays and related cabling.
    • All weather diagnostic measurement possible with a minimum of daylight intensity of 100W/m2 extending your O&M season.
    • Reduces maintenance and troubleshooting costs dramatically and simplifies the service operation at the PV installation site.


    • Location of open bypass diodes
    • Location of shorted bypass diodes
    • Location of high series resistance and disconnects
    • Measuring insulation resistance
    • Location of insulation faults/ R iso
    • Measuring string/panel open circuit voltage
    • Measuring string/panel short circuit current
    • Checking string polarity
    • Distinguishing multiple strings
    • Measuring string impedance curve
    • An integrated timer function for periodic faults

    Here's What A Previous User Thought:

    "The Z100 saves us enormous amount of time when troubleshooting big PV systems. It is easy to operate by all our technicians, and there is really no need for advanced knowledge when working with the instrument. The product is simple and compact, and it is a clear benefit that we can use it for detecting periodic isolation faults.”

    Kent Cording, Project Manager SDK.

    On-Site and Real-Time Demonstrations

    ETS Cable Components can offer on-site real-time demonstrations to show first-hand the advantageous capabilities of the EmaZys PV Analyzer Z100. View product information here.

    Please contact one of our Solar Product specialists for more information or to arrange an on-site demonstration:

    Thomas Colledge – 07774 678689 –
    Ben Hancock – 07817 580341 –

  • New ‘No Bolts’ Cleat Is Launched

    ETS Cable Components are proud to be part of the development and subsequent launch of a new range of cleats which requires no conventional fixings to supporting steel-work.

    The design also allows for additional cleats to be stacked on top of one another with nothing more than a small turn of a unique fixing lock.

    The concept was driven by initial discussions between Network Rail and ETS, the resultant product range providing a unique cable cleat solution to alleviate a critical Health and Safety issue the client’s engineers had experienced.

    Following subsequent design meetings and the continual evolution of the design concept over the last year, we are extremely pleased to announce that the finished product range is now available.

    Key features:

    • No bolts – allowing for rapid installation through a simple ‘turn and lock’ mechanism onto supporting steel-work!
    • Easily stackable – additional cables can be added without disturbing existing installations in any way.
    • Manufactured from London Underground 1-085 approved material.
    • Cleat sizes suitable for fixing cables ranging from 18-55mm in diameter available.

    ETS Cable Components Operations Director, Kevin Moloney, said:

    “It was a privilege to get the initial call from Network Rail requesting our help to come up with a suitable cleating solution. This is testament to our reputation in solving problems for customers.

    The whole process from initial design meeting to approving the prototype progressed extremely quickly and was helped greatly by the ingenuity of the design team from Ellis Patents. The determination of Network Rail and their desire to see improvements to the network, whilst safeguarding those working on it is a superb example of innovation directly benefitting on-site safety.”

    The new boltless cleat will be available to view at the Infrarail show at Excel on 12 – 14th April, but for further product information in the meantime please contact ETS on: 0208 405 6789 or via

    Cable Cleats Brochure

    Cable Cleats

    A brochure is available setting out ETS' wide range of cable cleats. To find out more click here.

    ETS Cable Components are an official supplier, stockist and distributor of Ellis Patents cable cleats.

  • Cable Terminations: New Separable Connector

    Cable Terminations: Offering more installation flexibility, Nexan’s latest separable connector - the 480TB interface C connector - has just been released to market.

    With its 1250A rating, the new product is ideal for customers demanding compact connectors for higher voltages (up to 42 kV) and feature higher current capacity, when connected to a suitably-related equipment bushing.

    • More installation flexibility - 1250A rating
    • The ‘8’ interface of the Euromold 480TB can follow the market trends towards higher equipment voltages (up to 42 kV)
    • Full suite of supporting accessories: coupling connectors, grounding plugs, bushings extenders, testing rods, junction frames and connection solution cabinets
    • Suits 35-300mm2 medium voltage power cables

    The separable tee shape connector (M16 bolted type) has been designed to connect and terminate polymeric insulated cable (XLPE, EPR etc) to electrical equipment such as switchgear, transformers and motors.

    The 480TB completes Nexan’s interface C connector range for cables from 35mm² up to 1200mm².

    ETS Cable Components has a long history of offering quality cable terminations and is proud to stock the 480TB.

    Find out more about the 480TB.

    See a quick video on the 480TB.

  • Cembre Update Product Range With New Hydraulic Crimpers

    Cembre, the internationally renowned tool cable tooling manufacturer, has recently launched two new 18v cordless battery operated hydraulic crimping tools. The new B500E and B1350-CE are designed to replace the B51 and B135-C crimping tools respectively.

    Main Features

    The new tools represent a significantly advantageous evolution of the popular B51 and B135-C tools. The main features of this new generation of crimpers include:

    • New Li-Ion 18V 4Ah batteries offering high capacity, faster charging and energy optimisation.
    • Greater crimping speed and crimping force resulting from a revitalised hydraulic system with double speed action.
    • A maximum pressure sensor and security valve, together provide greater precision and repeatability of the pressure cycle and double the provision for operator safety.
    • An OLED display makes essential tool operating information available in real time. Including:Compression force being generated, for confirmation of tool performance and adherence to best practices.
    • Bi-component plastic shell for enhanced resistance to wear and damage, and rubber grip inserts for operator comfort.
    • LED lighting at the front of the tool to illuminate the working area for additional convenience and safety.

    The tools will also collect crimping cycle data for up to 200,000 events, this is automatically stored on a memory card for transfer to PC by USB interface.

    New LED display with touch button

    battery led display

    Remaining batter power status

    crimps remaining until service

    Number of crimps remaining before tool service is required to maintain optimum condition.

    compression force generated

    Compression force being generated, for confirmation of tool performance and adherence to be practices.

    tool identification

    Tool identification, LED state

    The data below shows the specific performance increases of both the Cembre B500E and B1350-CE over their previous counterparts.

    Comparison of performance: Cembre B500E vs Cembre B51

    b500e vs b51 cembre comparison

    Comparison of performance: Cembre B1350-CE vs B135-C

    Cembre b1350 ce vs cembre b135

    For more information on the new range of Cembre crimping tools, please contact our Tooling Department with your requirements.

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  • Earthing Electrodes and Earth Rods

    Earthing electrodes are specifically designed and installed to improve a systems earthing. These earth electrodes must ideally penetrate into the moisture level below the ground level to reduce resistance.

    They must also consist of metal conductors (or a combination of metal conductor types), which do not corrode excessively for the period of time they are expected to serve. Earth electrodes include rods or pipes driven into the ground, metallic plates or mats buried in the earth or a copper wire ring encircling the structure.

    Underground gas piping or aluminium electrodes are NOT permitted for use as an earth electrodes.

    Earth rods are often selected on the basis of their resistance to corrosion. The other major faction in selection is cost. All too often, the cost of a product is seen as the initial up front price, but the real cost is determined by the serviceable life of the ground rod.

    Copper bonded earth rods vs copper clad
    Copper Bonded Rod vs Copper Clad Rod

    Galvanised steel rods are one of the cheapest electrodes available. However, they are not the most cost effective since they have a relatively short service life.

    Solid copper and stainless steel rods have a long service life. However, they are considerably more expensive than galvanised steel rods. In addition to this, solid copper rods are not suited to deep driving into hard ground due to the likelihood of bending.

    The copper bonded earth rod offers a compromise between the two. It has an electrolytic coating of copper deposited over a layer of nickel. This process helps ensure a long lasting, molecular bond between the copper layer and steel core. We recommend copper bonded ground rods over copper clad electrodes because the copper coating will not slip or tear when driven nor will it crack if the rod is bent.

    Copper bonded earth rods feature high resistance to corrosion, provide a low resistance path to ground and have good characteristics for deep driving.

    The Stainless Steel Option

    It is important to note that certain soils and land fill areas may not be compatible with copper. In these situations, stainless steel represents a better option.

    Stainless steel earth rods may also be an alternative, where structures or components, such as steel towers, poles or lead sheathed cables are in close proximity to an array of ground electrodes.

    In these circumstances, consideration must be given to the consequence of galvanic corrosion. The high cost of stainless steel rods prohibits their widespread use. As shown in the following graphs:

    Earth Rod Life Expectancy By Material

    Earth rod life expectancy material

    Earth Rod Comparative Costs By Material

    Earth rod material costs

    For more information on our copper earthing rods and electrodes, as well as the rest of our earthing and lightning protection products, please contact our Sales Team.

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  • ERICO Perform Fusing Tests on CADWELD Connections

    ERICO, manufacturers of the CADWELD® range of exothermic welding equipment, recently carried out some fusing tests on their CADWELD connections at their HV laboratory in Solon, USA.

    In the tests, 10kA is applied until either the conductor or the CADWELD connection fails. To pass the test, the conductor must fail (melt) before the CADWELD connection does, proving that connections made using the CADWELD system are not the weak point of a grounding system.

    GRC-182Q Fusing Test (cable to ground rod connections)

    Conductors Used: ERICO CADWELD connecting 3/4" (19mm) ground rod to 4/0 (107mm) copper conductor.

    Test Parameters: 10100A RMS 60Hz applied until fusing

    Pass/Fail Criteria: The grounding connector shall not crack, break, or melt when subject to the test current.

    SSC-2Q Fusing Test (cable to cable connection)

    Conductors Used: 4/0 copper conductor to 4/0 copper conductor with ERICO CADWELD

    Test Parameters: 10100A RMS 60Hz applied until fusing

    Pass/Fail Criteria: The grounding connector shall not crack, break, or melt when subject to the test current.

    ERICO also carried out some short-circuit current tests on their tinned copper braid (MBJ) product, in accordance with standard UL467 (Ground and Bonding). In this test 5.9kA is applied for 6.1 seconds. To pass the test, the braid must not fuse (melt) and still be able to carry current afterwards.

    MBJ-50-500-10 Fusing Test (50mm2 tinned copper braid bond)

    Conductors Used: 556980 (MBJ 50 - 500 - 10) tinned copper earth braid (MBJ) 50mm2, 500mm length, 6mm hole.

    Test Parameters: 5960A RMS 60Hz applied for 6.1 seconds

    Pass/Fail Criteria:

    7.5.1 - A grounding or bonding device shall not crack, break, or melt when subject to the current and time specified in the Test Perameters.

    7.5.2 - After having carried the current specified in Clause 7.5.1, continuity shall be maintained on the test sample assembly.

    ETS are the authorised UK stockist and reseller of ERICO CADWELD exothermic welding equipment and can also provide a comprehensive on-site CADWELD PLUS training course, carried out by a fully qualified ETS operative on behalf of ERICO.

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  • Advantages of Screened Connectors Systems

    Screened separable connectors and elbows are used to terminate polymeric (XLPE & EPR) insulated cables onto switchgear and transformers fitted with ANSI/CENELEC-style bushing interfaces up to 42kV.

    Layers of alternate insulating and semi-conductive EPDM rubber replicate the cable construction and provide a touch-safe interface between the cable and equipment.

    Suitable for use on the five main bushing interfaces including: Interface A, Interface B, Interface C, Interface D, and Interface E, the new CENELEC Interface F is also available for high-current applications.

    There are a number of advantages of using a separable screened connector system including:

    - Rugged compact design – allows installation in modern compact substations
    - Full screened cable-equipment interface – touch-safe
    - Maintenance free
    - Quick and simple to install
    - Easy to disconnect de-energised cables
    - Can connect more than one cable to a single bushing interface
    - Fully moisture-resistant – can be used outdoor without a cable box
    - IP67 protection – dust tight and protection against the effects of moisture
    - Resistant to UV, Ozone, chemicals, mechanical abuse
    - Temperate range from -60oC + 130oC
    - Offers many test options: capacitive test points, cable tests
    - Suitable for cables between 12kV–36kV, 250amp-1250amp (42kV and 2500amp for the Interface F)

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